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    App mobile KONE Flow per Residential Flow


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    App mobile KONE Flow per Residential Flow

    Optimize battery settings for Huawei, Honor and Samsung Galaxy smartphones

    • 1.
      Go to Settings -> Advanced settings -> Battery manager -> Protected apps.
    • 2.
      Find KONE Flow and protect it to prevent the operating system from shutting it down.
    • 3.
      Go to Settings -> Apps -> Advanced -> Ignore battery optimizations.
      KONE Optimize Android settings_1
    • 4.
      Find KONE Flow and disable app power saving.
      Disabling lets KONE Flow to run.
    • 5.
      Go to Settings -> Notification panel & status bar -> Notification centre.
    • 6.
      Find KONE Flow and activate "Allow notifications" and "Set as priority".
      You have to activate the priority display to make sure you get notifications.
    • 7.
      If you have Android 8, allow unlimited access to data.
      • A.
        Go to Settings -> Apps -> Special access -> Unrestricted data access.
      • B.
        Choose KONE Flow application and allow it.
    • 8.
      Restart your phone.
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